Elevate Your Resident Experience and Resident Benefit Package

Reduce churn and increase revenue with property manager pest control

Get Your Residents Covered
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The key to Keeping Renters is Taking Care of Them

Residents have peace of mind with pest coverage, property managers cut back on maintenance costs, and investors increase their net operating income. It’s a win-win-win.

$84/Door of Added Revenue
84% of US Households Experience a Pest Infestation
70% of Renters Pick Ineffective DIY Options
Average Pest Control Service Cost $223 Without Pest Share
Discover Why Property Managers Love Pest Share

A Simple Solution to Pests

Happy Residents, Time Back on The Clock, & Added Revenue In Your Pocket

Maintenance problems such as pest infestations can be expensive for owners and frustrating for residents. Pest Share solves pest problems quickly, which makes residents feel taken care of. Here’s how it works.

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Residents Submit a Pest Claim

When residents experience a pest issue, they visit pestshare.com to request a service.

Pest ID Identifies the Pest Problem

Pest Share’s technology gathers information about the pests through a simple questionnaire, then sends that info to service providers in the area. Certain harmful pests, such as termites, will trigger a notification to property managers.

Service Providers Remove the Pests

Local pest control companies that have been vetted by Pest Share pick up the claim, and they contact the resident to schedule a service. Since the resident has coverage through Pest Share, they don’t have to pay for covered services.

Residents enjoy pest-free living

With the pest problem taken care of, residents can go back to enjoying their home. There are no conflicts about who should pay or contact the pest control company, just simple solutions.

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Offload the Headache of Pest Issues and Gain Ancillary Recurring Revenue

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Property Managers Love Pest Share

Melissa Sharone President

Pest Share is the biggest highlight of the resident benefits Program. The program they provide is a WIN-WIN-WIN!

Melissa Sharone - First Rate Property Management

Melissa and her team at First Rate Property Management have been huge supporters of Pest Share since the beginning. We are constantly surprised when she tells us how much her and her team love Pest Share. But she is never surprised when we share with her the feedback that her residents have left about the Pest Share program.

The residents that utilize Pest Share constantly give both our process and the technicians that are visiting their home a 5-star experience. In fact, Pest Share averages 4.5 stars across the entire United States. The resident experience is one of our number one concerns.

Trusted by Property Managers Nationwide

brian phelt

Brian Phelt

Forefront Property Management

Residents don't have to worry about the lease saying who is responsible for pest control, it's already built-in for them. It's an easy button.

Jessica Foster

Jessica Foster

Atrium Property Management

We manage property all over Florida but primarily Central Florida... Pest Share has been a value add for us because all of our leases state that the resident is responsible for all pests, exterior or interior. When we implemented it, it took away the 'X factor', or the fact that residents would go to Home Depot and grab raid to spray a single corner. Now, they reach out to Pest Share and know they are covered. It is great!

Increase Renter Retention

Vacancy is expensive, and it happens when residents are dissatisfied. Reduce the risk by proactively caring for resident needs.

Maximize Profit

By reducing churn and maintenance costs, Pest Share improves property manager profitability and adds ancillary recurring revenue

Automate Maintenance

Property managers say that Pest Share “takes the thinking out of maintenance.” Residents get their pest problem taken care of quickly and property managers can focus on other tasks.

Protect Properties

Without pest coverage, many residents will either ignore pest problems or try DIY solutions that don’t truly remove the pests. Remaining insects and rodents can damage the property, or result in expensive treatments during turnovers. Pest Share ensures pests get taken care of quickly.

Landon Cooley CEO

The Pest Share Promise

At Pest Share, we want to make it simple to live pest-free. With decades of experience in the pest control industry, our team knows just how destructive and dangerous pests can be. We started Pest Share to help residents protect their homes, belongings and loved ones.

We guarantee that residents and property managers will love our services, because we always put quality first. We invite you to hop on a call to talk about how you can turn pest control into an amenity that your residents appreciate.

Landon Cooley

CEO & Co-Founder